Promoting 101

Having researched most successful posts I am finding that the No 1 Secret to get massive traction is to Brand oneself and your lifestyle and create a Story to bring people to your blog – in doing so you gain authority and in doing so obtain credibility with your audience.

Once you have that credibility, then it is far easier to get acceptance in what you are offering, and the ensuing conversions come quicker, and create a momentum.

Once you have momentum, then it is imperative to be consistent and regular in providing value to your followers, people will follow successful people, and as they experience the rewards from the program, then they will be able to afford further gems that you can profit from in turn.



4 thoughts on “Promoting 101

    1. Good hearing from you Nick!

      Its a start…I have only been at this for a week …Put it this way it could get better…So how is life treating you? i’m back in Freo for my sins and the industry is not as bouyant ass I could wish it to be so i am now dabbling in Marketing Coachin…


    2. So Nick,
      How are you doing and where are you plying your trade at the moment…
      I was offered a position at Wheatstone but the so called recruiter never came back to me!


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