List Building Tips for Instant Success

1) Be likeable

You want people to want to be a part of your network. This means that people have to like you. You don’t need to totally change your personality; you just need to be more helpful and friendly towards others.

When you see someone struggling to get lots of day to day things done? Help them out. See your next door neighbor struggling to get their car started on a Monday morning? Help them out. Always help out whenever and wherever you can. Don’t just help out in hopes of someone becoming a lead. Let your goal for them becoming a lead be secondary to you helping them out. When you help people find solutions to their problems,  you’ll start generating the quality leads you’ll need to reach your networking goals in a shorter period of time.

2) Send short, interesting, problem solving emails

This is the most important of all the list building tips when you’re not calling or meeting face-to-face with a prospect: People will start forwarding your emails to others because they find them interesting and they solve their problem(s). This will organically build your list and help you succeed. When someone forwards an email from you, they have referred you and this word-of-mouth marketing leads to quality lead generation.

3) Never spam

Experienced marketers know that the easiest way to destroy a list is to send too many emails or messages. Also, if you have social media pages/accounts, the biggest mistake is to make too many daily posts. If people start thinking you’re a spammer, they’ll stop listening to you. Learn from the experts! Purchase good training that will help you determine how often you should email your list and post to your social media platforms. The quality of the information you’re emailing and/or posting should also be taken into consideration as well.

4) Focus on them, not you (one of the most important list building tips ever)

This is a big one. Of all the list building tips, maybe I should have made this the first one. New network marketers will spend hours talking to people about their work and will not generate a single lead. They’ll tell people what they do, how they do it, how great their company is, how they have the best compensation plan in the world, when their company was started, etc. They’ll say all these thing before finding out if the person they’re speaking with; likes their job or even want/needs additional income, and more time freedom to spend with their family and loved ones. Here’s a secret: no one cares about your business. People care about their own lives, they have their own problems. What you need to do is reframe the conversation about your business. Don’t tell them how great your business is; tell them how great their lives can become if they let your business handle their problems.

5) Keep it personal

Don’t just send people marketing emails and messages. If you truly want people to feel good about being in your network, you need to make it a bit personal. One great idea is to find out the birthdays of everyone on your list. When their birthday comes, send them a happy birthday message without any “business talk”. This will make them feel good about you and themselves, and make it more likely that they will become a solid lead. If you can, send them a gift, even a small one like a keychain or pen. It will go a long way in making you successful.

6) Keep working on it!

In the beginning, list building should be a major part of your daily method of operation (DMO). Nothing is more important than generating leads / list building. When you have a healthy list, it will be able to sustain your business, but until then, you should be spending most of your time you doing it. If you follow these list building tips consistently, you’ll succeed in your mlm, networking marketing or home based business in (almost) no time.

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