The Simple 5-Step Daily Action Plan to Fire Your Boss and Live Your Dream

110 MINUTES – Your VISION – Meditation & Visualization
Sit down first thing in the morning to visualize, mentally rehearse, and step into the vision of
your future potential that sets every single cell in your body on fire. You must get up a
different person. You goal is to sustain this new state of being throughout the day.
2 – 15 MINUTES – Personal Growth / Personal Development
Personal development, developing your mind, and working on yourself. Always be learning,
growing, and working on YOU by feeding your mind material that develops your millionaire
mind. Books, trainings, tutorials, and audios that force you to think bigger, get uncomfortable, and
develop your unlimited potential prosperity mindset.
3 – 1 HOUR – Learn Something New Today
Social media networking & prospecting lead-generation, traffic to your offers & funnels, setting
up FB ads, tips on content creation & syndication, video marketing, copywriting, personal growth,
LEARN SOMETHING that increases your value to the marketplace every single day. (ALL of
this training can be found in your MLSP back office, and on the LIVE Daily Coaching sessions.)
Knowledge without execution is worthless. Turn the knowledge you gain each day into CONTENT
that builds your audience, business, and income. Something to live by as a successful business
owner: Whenever you consume, CREATE! Whether that’s a FaceBook LIVE video, social media
post, a 1-on-1 conversation or group zoom training you host… The more you stay consistent and show up daily for the people you serve by creating valuable content every day, the more trust and
authority you will gain.
Spend at least 1 hour per day creating content (we recommend Facebook if you’re just starting out). This content must serve your target market, and address and give them solutions to THEIR challenges, pains, and problems. As YOU get better, your audience will grow.
As you get even better, some of your audience will buy your stuff. The more you stay consistent and increase your value… the more exposure you will get, the more your audience will grow, and more and more of your audience will buy your stuff. It really is that simple.
WARNING: this ‘Top Earner Blueprint’ requires just over 4 hours per day. If you only have 2 hours to
build your business right now, NO PROBLEM – simply cut the time you spend on each step in half!
If you say you don’t have at least 2 hours per day to work on your dream, you have 3 options…

  • Get resourceful and find a few 30-minute pockets of time during your day to work on your dream.
  • Get up an hour earlier & stay up an hour later to work on your dream.
  • Get a bigger VISION that ignites you to get up an hour earlier & stay up an hour later to work on your
    5 – 2 HOURS – Networking, Connecting with New People, Prospecting & Recruiting
    This is THE money making activity in ANY business. It is ‘people’ who buy your products, services,
    and offers, and it is your job as the CEO of your enterprise to connect with people who are looking
    for the benefit of your product. Your business is the customers you serve, and you must build
    relationships if you want to build long-term customers that pay you for years. Whether you’re
    connecting and networking with prospects on FaceBook, or getting on the phone with people who
    opted-in to your websites (MLSP has training on both inbound & outbound marketing strategies)…
    IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY FAST IN YOUR BUSINESS, YOU BETTER BE CONNECTING & NETWORKING WITH PEOPLE, and getting as many exposures to your business & product
    presentations as possible.
    BUSINESS in any industry is nothing more than marketing and innovation.
  • If you are meditating, visualizing, and stepping into your VISION every single day…
  • If you are constantly growing as a person and feeding your mind every single day…
  • If you are constantly learning new skills as a business owner every single day…
  • If you are constantly executing, implementing, teaching, and creating content every single day…
  • If you are constantly networking and meeting new people who are interested in your services
    every single day…
    This is the 5-Step Daily Action Plan 100% of the top earners follow. This is the recipe for freedom. Follow
    this daily, and you too can build a profitable business, and finally LIVE YOUR DREAM!

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